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DewTour_Top10The Dew Tour is going down in San Francisco this weekend if you didn’t already know or somehow forgot or happen to actually care.

The Dew Tour was founded in 2005 as joint effort between NBC Sports and Mountain Dew (aka the folks at PEPSI) to create a multi-stop action sports “tour” that would capture the hearts and minds of 12-24 year olds interested in action sports — and the competing athletes who needed cash and corporate sponsors.  ESPN’s X Games had already been in business for 10 years and was continuing to surge in popularity. Helped by an expanding, real-estate bubble fueled economy, the action sports industry was booming and NBC needed to get its share of this influential demographic so loved by non-endemic marketers — brands like Mountain Dew, Wendys, Ball Park Franks, Toyota, Air Force, Right Guard, Panasonic, etc.

The initial format of the series included five summer events, one per month, in June, July, August, September and October, featuring multiple sports (skate, bmx and moto) and multiple disciplines (street, park, vert, dirt, best trick, etc). Three years later Dew Tour expanded to include a winter series consisting of three events that featured snowboarding and freeskiing. Unfortunately, by this time, the 2008 economic collapse was right around the corner and the money flow from sponsors, which during the mid-2000s seemed endless, began to dry up. Fast forward to 2013 and the Dew Tour is currently a shell of its former self, consisting of only three events annually (vs a peak of eight in 2011) and with each individual event showcasing only certain sports and certain disciplines structured around “beach, city and mountain” themes, respectively.

No one is to blame for this turn of events other than the economy and the UFC (another story) and we give praise to the event organizers for doing more with less by consolidating resources and telling a good story. That said the ultimate reality is that there’s less money to go around, less athletes competing and less viewers “tuning in” both onsite and on their TV sets. This is mirrored by the recent announcement that ESPN has abandoned its global strategy citing “economics” as the reason.

So … if you like skateboarding, BMX, motocross and Mountain Dew  you should tune into the NBC Sports broadcast this weekend or check out DewTour.com because in three years (when Dew’s contract with NBC ends) there may not be any Dew Tour to speak of or watch. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s 10 Reasons from the horse’s mouth to “attend the Toyota City Championships in San Francisco” this weekend.



10.  We are giving San Francisco a make over like never before!  Even if you are not familiar with action sports, you will want to check out how our BMX dirt course takes over from the Asian Art Museum to the San Francisco Public Library. For the city locals you will want to see how we have incorporated iconic San Francisco spots like Hubba Hideout and China Banks into our Skate Street course.  We have even put our FMX kicker to dirt set up directly in front of City Hall!

9.  Three days of the Dew Tour Experience!  Starting Friday, Oct. 11th through Sunday, Oct. 13th you have the chance to go to autograph signings from your favorite pros, check out the booths of your favorite vendors and buy awesome Dew Tour merchandise.

8. Saturday night, two-time Grammy winning hip-hop artist Common, and a special guest yet to be announced, will be hitting the stage of the Regency Ballroom.  All fans 18 and over are invited out to hear this legend perform.  Doors open at 8:30pm and the show goes from 9pm-11pm.  Tickets are $50 and available HERE.

7.  You get to ride on the same course as all of your favorite pros! On Sunday, October 13th, as part of Community Day, from 11am- 3pm all fans will have the chance to become a part of the action.  The Skate Street course will be open to fans — with parent or guardian permission — to skate.  Best part is you don’t have to have a board or helmet; we’ve got you covered!
6. Dew Tour is committed to supporting local shops and athletes, to show this we are hosting the second annual FTC Open House Skate Competition.  Sunday, Oct. 13th at 3:30pm come watch your favorite locals compete for cash prizes and bragging rights!

5.  Ever been told not to sit on the hood of your car?  Guess what? Here we don’t let our athletes sit on cars either…we let them ride and skate on them!  Check out the BMX and Skateboarding Streetstyle course, where your favorite pros will tailwhip, barspin or ollie off Toyota’s finest cars and trucks.  See how innovative they get during the finals on Sunday! Skate Streetstyle finals go off at 1pm and BMX Streestyle closes out the weekend with a bang at 4pm!

4.  You get to be a part of history!  This year Dew Tour shows the rich culture of action sports within San Francisco with Dew Tour Recognize, a gallery of photographs by influential skate and BMX photographers. The Book & Job Gallery (838 Geary St) will kick-off the event Friday, 8pm-11 pm.  It will also be open Saturday and Sunday from 11am-6pm.  Take a look at the iconic photos from SF’s rich action sports history, and who knows maybe this weekend you’ll make it into a photo to be remembered 20 years from now!

3.  You will be the first of all your friends to see who wins!  Guess what? That makes you the first person to Tweet or Instagram the winner! By being there in person you will get a way better photo than your friends taking pictures of their TV’s or computers from the couch! Tag us @DewTour and we might even Like your photo!

2.  The chance to meet your heroes!  When your favorite athletes are not out there throwing down big tricks, they’ll be wandering around and watching the other events just like you!  And if you don’t bump into your favorite pro you can catch them in an autograph signing at the Dew Tour Experience!

1.  The entire weekend is FREE! Where else can you meet your favorite pros, ride an iconic park AND see a competition for free? That should be enough convincing for anyone!

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