Surfer Kelly Slater Admits Fear of Sharks to the World

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Kelly_Slater_Great_WhiteKelly Slater admitted his fear of Great White sharks today to his half a million Instagram followers. The 11-time world champion posted a text message he’d received from a friend in South Africa which described harrowing details surrounding the death of a swimmer attacked and eaten by a Great White yesterday.  Slater confessed that he never swims in the open ocean without his board, though admittedly his 5’11” wafer thin Channel Islands wave slayer offered little protection. All-in-all an interesting admission from a man who has logged more ocean time than most people on the planet.


A few years ago, a friend of mine was attacked by a #CookieCutterShark while swimming between Maui and Big Island ago at night!? #NoThanks. In the last 3-4 days there have been three #GreatWhite attacks around the world with the latest yesterday on a swimmer at #JBay in South Africa. Here’s a text from a friend there explaining what happened. The shark was so big that eyewitnesses thought it was two sharks and the man was bitten in half. A kayaker trying to retrieve the body was hitting the shark with his paddle while it kept attacking the remains. This is why I don’t swim in the open ocean sans surfboard. At least it gives me a#FalseSenseOfSecurity. Condolences to friends and family. #ManVersusNature#F%@&That

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