Man Survives Attack by Three Coyotes in Colorado

Wiley_coyote_attackThis is pretty crazy. A 22-year-old Boulder, CO resident was attacked by three coyotes this week during an early morning walk. The  victim, Andrew Dickehage, described hearing a ruffle in the bushes that he assumed was a rabbit or something. Turning his flashlight towards the sound he was immediatley hit by the first animal, which bit down on his hand. He clocked it over the head with his flashlight as it let go before the other two coyotes jumped in. Keeping his cool and staying on his feet he managed to back out of the very “wiley” situation. Just a friendly reminder for all those skier and snowboarders hiking in the mountains to prepare for the season. Make sure you got your running shoes on…meep, meep.

H/T – Unofficial Networks

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