Sugarbush Parks Present “Bush League – 3rd Inning”

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The Sugarbush crew is back up at bat and since both the infield and outfield are filled with over sixty inches of new snow, Bush League: 3rd Inning is looking good.

Featuring Nate Haust, Connor Gross, Zack Wilmot, Zebadiah Cousins-Joyce, Maggie Leon, Arron Shapiro, Spencer Davis, Neal Cummings, Ralph Kucharek, Matt De Vito, Max Lyons, John Murphy, and Marcus Rand. Filmed and edited by Paul Osborne.

From Sugarbush:

Mother Nature has dumped over 60” of snow on Sugarbush over the last month, keeping the Bush Parks grounds crew busy keeping the park clear. Power hitter, Nate Haust, kicked the third inning off by stepping up to the plate and swinging for the fences, all while wearing his signature ginger pants. Local boys, Ralph Kucharek and John Murphy, turned heads all inning by jumping almost every feature in the park. The closer, Marcus Rand, on loan from the Yawgoons, ended the inning in signature fashion with some stylish high-speed lines and slides

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