Kelly Slater’s 9.73 Backend Fijian Barrel is Mind Boggling

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Kelly Slater lost in Round 1 of the 2015 Fiji Pro requiring an appearance in Round 2. The last time Slater had to compete in Round 2 at the Fiji Pro he won, so perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. Judging by the two making barrels he scored against Jay Davies that seems like a distinct possibibliy. The second of the two was a massive set wave in which Slater employed his custom backhand barrel technique to get multiple cover ups and two barrels on one of biggest and more complex waves that hit Cloudbreak today. For any doubters, Slater’s display continues to show the world’s he’s the man.

Slater said, “When I’m at events and have bad free surfers, I have good heats, so I’ll take it…just trying to get a bit of that Florida mojo.”

Asked about his backhand technique, he said “I was just focused on the chops two feet ahead of my board… it was a tough wave, but I knew it was big enough.”

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