Sharks Eat Dolphin – Spook New Jersey Beach-Goers

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Earlier this week the corpse of a half-eaten dolphin washed up on the beach in North Wildwood, New Jersey about 30 miles north of the Delaware boarder. The animal was missing it’s lower half and clearly looks to be the victim of hungry sharks. Whether the dolphin died before or during the feeding frenzy is unknown. What is known is that something with sharp teeth and a strong bite had a filling lunch at the expense of this lovable Flipper.

NBC Philadelphia reported that a mother, Karissa Kerns, 44, and her 4-year-old son noticed a fisherman reeling something in, which turned out to be the half-eaten carcass.

“I thought it was a sea turtle at first,” Kerns said. “The lifeguard flipped it over and you could see a shark had grabbed it and chomped right out of it. You could see the teeth marks and everything. It’s spine was completely severed. It wasn’t a full-sized dolphin and it wasn’t a baby dolphin, it was mid-sized. At that point my mom took my son away quick because he was freaked out about it.”

The news is reminiscent of the scene in Jaws 2 when Tina and her boyfriend stumble across a dead orca on the beach. Big chunks of flesh are missing and it looks as though the Killer Whale picked a fight with somebody better – aka Carcharodon Carcharias. Later the marine biologist lady measures the bite marks and tells Chief Brody that it’s likely that a large shark killed the animal, but that of course “by now every little nibbler in the sea has taken a bite…”

Of course we now know that Killer Whales are boss and nobody messes with them. In fact they eat Great White sharks, not vice versa.

But as far as our little dolphin friend is concerned it’s likely that whoever bit off his tail could also bite your leg off, so take heed all those frolicking this summer on the Jersey Shore


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