Music Video Starring Stoney New York Surfer Will Make You Cry

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The band Small Black emerged out of Brooklyn, NY a few years ago and has found a niche among the hipster, chillwave/dreampop genre – whatever the hell that is. This week they just dropped a new video you should also check out, but it was the song and video they released in 2010, Despicable Dogs at SXSW (above), that put them on the map.

The video features an uncle of one of the band members who turns out to be a stoney surfer dude still “living in the 70s.”

The combination of the imagery in this video and the caricature it portrays has a happy-nostalgic yet melancholy feel. On one hand this man is still out there surfing, staying fit and keeping true to his youthful self, while on the other hand he seems pathetically trapped in the past — a 20-year-old in a 50-year-old’s body; a Peter Pan living in all too modern, circa 2010, reality.

The whole package emotes a longing of youthful bliss that anyone of age can relate to; capturing the essence of adolescence as it undeniably slips away despite our best efforts.

That said, if this video doesn’t inspire you to get in shape, wax your surfboard and hit the waves, then you might as well cut off the ponytail, shave the goatee and get back to work.

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