Pro Surfer Evan Gieselman Dramatically Rescued from Drowning at Pipeline by Bodyboarder Andre Botha

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On Sunday, December 6, 2015, a day when the surf community saw a historic event unfold during massive swell’s at Maui’s Pe’hai (JAWS) surf break, pro surfer Evan Gieselman took off a large, left-hand barreling wave at Pipeline but got pinched in the tube and wiped out. The surfer was subsequently held down by three consecutive waves. Unconscious and near drowning, Gieselman was rescued by bodyboarder, Andre Botha, who was able to reach the injured surfer even before lifeguards responded.

Botha heroically pulled Gieselman to the surface, and propping his head above the waves, administered emergency mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while floating in the white wash. In the video Botha also beats his unconscious friend on the chest, desperately trying to revive him. The two surfers dramatically float in the rip current, being washed horizontally along the beach as fellow surfers and lifeguards eventually come to their assistance.

Miraculously they were able to make it to shore where paramedics eventually took Giesleman away in an ambulance to the hospital where he was listed in critical condition. Fortunately Gieselman was revived in time and is now expected to make a full recovery. He later sent out a message of thanks and appreciation:

“Andre Botha was my guardian angel today! The support has been overwhelming! I can’t thank everyone enough who saved my life today forever grateful. Love you all and everyone’s who’s been worried about me I’ll be back soon. Love these people more than words can describe who haven’t left my side for a second.” – Evan Geiselman

Glad you’re ok Evan and God Bless Andre Botha!


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