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It was just about as perfect as perfect gets – which isn’t saying much. Not because the sky wasn’t blue and the water not clear or the sun shining, but because the wave itself is an imperfect beast.

Shipsterns Bluff opened its doors for business not too long ago, welcoming the first real swell of the season. With the majority of the surfers deciding to paddle, there was a healthy mix of glory and gore.

Mikey Brennan took his board to the face, breaking his cheekbone, and a bodyboarder separated his clavicle. But when it was all said and done, the consensus was that it “was still a pretty amazing day”.

Have a gaze for yourself at what “perfect” Shipstern’s looks like in the above little edit by Stu Gibson featuring Brett Burcher, Russel Bierke, Marti Paradisis and Rudi Schwartz.

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