Intense Shark Attack Caught on GoPro

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Holy shit this is crazy. A college-aged spear-fisherman, McQuillen, 22, was cruising through the water in what looks to be about 30 feet of water off of Santa Barbra on September 1 when, suddenly, (1:30 mark) he gets flipped upside down and you notice he’s missing one of his flippers. Turns out he was bitten by a great white shark.

McQuillen then grabs his speargun and starts swimming rapidly in reverse. Out of the left corner of the video a Great White shark appears from the green oblivion and charges at the diver. You can McQuillen the diver react in terror. To his credit he then turns around and swims at the shark and pokes it with the spear as the shark was approaching for the third time. “I gave him a nice little jab,” he told a local Inside Edition.

McQuillen then kicks back to shore and escapes, surfacing and exclaiming, “Gnarly” before ending the video. Gnarly indeed.

The bite broke two of his toes. He’ll be on crutches for another month but when he’s healed, he told CBS he’s looking forward to going back into the ocean.

It’s a heart pounding video and we’re just glad he came out unscathed! Wow!

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