Group of Hungry Grizzly Bears Threaten Canadian Family

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If you live in the bucolic wilds of Canada you’re likely going to encounter a bear now and again. For this Canadian family, however, it was more than a surprise when they came home to find three hungry grizzlies attempting to get into the family’s “hen house” or more accurately duck cage.


“I’ve seen bears cruise through the yard in the middle of the day and once you spook them, usually they will run and get out of Dodge, so to speak,” homeowner Keith Lang told the CBC.


After scaring off the bears initially with loud horn honks and yelling, one returned multiple times and tried to challenge:

“These ones did not care whatsoever and they weren’t going to be told what to do and they weren’t going to leave, they were going to stick around,” Land said. “We made a pile of noise and I eventually drove that truck up to within about 10 feet of that bear before he left.”

This time of year bears feed extensively in order to fatten up for winter, much like a lot of skiers and snowboarders we know. Hopefully by the time the snow flies these big fellas we’ll be fast asleep.

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