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GoPro Launches New 360 Camera and Other Product Enhancements

GoPro announced a new product at its “Moment” launch event today.

CEO Nick Woodman debuted the GoPro Fusion, which is a 360, dual lens, 5.2K camera that boasts handheld, waterproof, and portable capability. The Fusion shoots 30 frames per second, can capture 18-megapixel spherical photos and includes 360 sound along with wifi, GPS, bluetooth and other gimbal features such as accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and image stabilization.

Arguably the neatest feature of the new Fusion camera is called “Overcapture.” Essentially it allows an individual to set the camera to 360 capture, but then select clips that work within a standard 16:9 video format. The idea being an editor can selectively choose the best shots and angles of the 360 experience and create a linear edit that showcases the best of the best. GoPro will role out the software to utilize Overcapture in its native app in Q1 2018.

Woodman also introduced the Hero 6, the latest version of its quintessential POV, hand held camera , which includes a new feature “Quik Stories” that automatically syncs your shots to the GoPro app to create an “automatic” edit. The camera features twice the processing power of the HERO 5 and is capable of 4K 60, 2.K 120, and 240 1080p as well as a highly advanced image stabilization tech, touch zoom, and voice commands.

Woodman also showcased enhancements and updates to its Karma drone.

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