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Red Bull Roller Coaster Highlights 2019 in Munich, Germany

Red Bull Roller Coaster 2019 Highlights | Red Bull Signature Series

Red Bull Roller Coaster Highlights 2019 in Munich, Germany

Red Bull Roller Coaster skateboarding event goes down at Olympic Park in Munich, Germany as part of the Red Bull Signature Series

The Red Bull Roller Coaster (RBRC) event debuted in Munich, Germany in 2018. The Red Bull Roller Coaster is a unique course. It offers loads of clean lines, whoops, transitions and other creative features. In addition, new this year, is a throwback spine section.

Skateboarding is now an Olympic sport. However, since the Olympics are now postponed until 2021 because of the coronavirus global pandemic, here’s a look back at some recent skate action.

Loops, spills and raw courage were on display at RBRC as the event claimed new scalps and saw some ridiculous power moves thrown down during a full-on snakerun session in Munich, Germany.

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Described to a tee by winner and defending champion Jake Ilardi as ‘the ultimate downhill snakerun’, the Red Bull Roller Coaster saw rocket-speed charges, some over-cooked corners, and a handful of new features that could take a reckless incomer down in a heartbeat. Therefore, this is not skateboarding for the faint-hearted.

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Sparked by the lively punters within the glorious river basin in which Munich Mash takes place, skateboarding trailblazers including Catherine Marquis, Jordyn Barratt and Alana Smith powered through the treacherous IOU ramps danger-snake with the energy of the crowd at their backs before the Floridian and man-to-beat, Jake Ilardi, threw down more moves in more spaces than anyone else could step to.

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Jake Ilardi Red Bull Roller Coaster 2019

Jake Ilardi pulls a McTwist at the Red Bull Roller Coaster 2019. P. Red Bull.

2019 Roller Coaster Winners Alana Smith and Jake Ilardi

Alana Smith, after taking a 2 1/2 year break from skateboarding, Smith took first place among the female competitors. “I just wanted to get out here and do the best that I can. I really love this and I really wanna do this for the rest of my life,” she told Tina Dixon.

Jake Ilardi became a back-to-back winner of the event by out-lasting second place finisher Alex Midler. When asking about comparing his win to last year’s 2018 Red Bull Roller Coaster in Munich, Germany, Ilardi said: “This one is 10x better…this year I nailed my first two (runs) and it took a lot of pressure off on the last (run).”

Sal Masekela is the Red Bull Roller Coaster and Signature Series main host. He articulated the significance of the Roller Coaster course layout. “Without a doubt, kids these days skate everything fast. So this (event) is the future of progression in skateboarding,” said Masekela.


Red Bull Signature Series

The Red Bull Signature Series is the premier action sports content series on YouTube. Covering the world’s of skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, motocross, surfing, freeskiing and more, Red Bull Signature Series is packed full of action sports content and is a must watch.

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Snowboarding in Chamonix - Frozen Mind

Skiing And Snowboarding in Chamonix | Frozen Mind


Snowboarding in Chamonix should be on the wish-list of any serious shredder. If you prefer skiing the same holds true. Chamonix, France is incredible. 

Chamonix, France is the birthplace of mountaineering in many ways. For hundreds, if not thousands, of years, the locals of Chamonix existed in the mountains. In the shadow of Mount Blanc, these simple farmers learned to survive in the rugged French Alps. Eventually, they climbed the slopes and braved the treacherous, crevasse-laden terrain. Perhaps fueled by a need for thrill, perhaps a need for survival. Regardless, so began the early stages of mountaineering and, later, alpine skiing and snowboarding. 

Snowboarding in Chamonix - Frozen Mind

Victor De Le Rue and Pierre Hourticq atop Mount Blanc in Frozen Mind.

Fast forward to the modern day, and few can claim the level of mastery over these mountains, more than Victor de Le Rue. As one of the most aggressive and accomplished big mountain snowboarders in the world, Victor de le Rue sets a new standard. Known for his aggressive approach to big mountain snowboarding along with technical mountaineering skill, De le Rue is in a league of his own. 

Snowboarding in Chamonix - Frozen Mind - Victor De Le Rue

Victor De Le Rue snowboarding on Mount Blanc in Chamonix, France for the film, Frozen Mind.

Frozen Mind

In the the film Frozen Mind, De le Rue, accompanied by longtime friend and amazing skier/mountaineer/guide, Pierre Hourticq. Together these men tackle extreme terrain, including 45-degree slopes, very few would dare approach. In doing so the duo push the limits of technical mountaineering, snowboarding in Chamonix, as well as human endurance. 

Frozen Mind is not just a film based on snowboard/ski performance. It is above all a story of friendship and a journey of discovery as the two men take unique paths in order to conquer the same objectives.

Snowboarding in Chamonix - Frozen Mind - Victor De Le Rue and Pierre Hourticq

Victor De Le Rue and Pierre Hourticq stand atop Mount Blanc during the filming of Frozen Mind.

Skiing And Snowboarding in Chamonix | Frozen Mind

Take a wild ride skiing and snowboarding in Chamonix, France! Chamonix is one of the most prestigious place for mountaineers in the world, its history is full of stories of conquests and failures. Now these dramatic mountains lure more and more skiers and snowboarders to ride steep, unforgiving faces and it is in Chamonix that we will discover the adventures and evolution of Victor de Le Rue.

Frozen Mind is a sponsored by and promoted by Red Bull Media House
Frozen Mind is directed by Antione Frioux and co-produced by Frioux and Victor de le Rue.
Music : Fink – Warm Shadow (Rastovich Remix)
Mix & Sound design: Mix & Mouse
Principal Cinematography: Antoine Frioux, Yannick Boissenot, Grego Campi, Maxime Moulin, Fred Rousseau 
Narrated by Xavier de le Rue

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Richard Permin

Rooftop Skiing in France with Richard Permin

Check out Richard Permin’s latest video: rooftop freestyle skiing in Avoriaz 1800, France. Certain days can be really original… They depend on where you live and what you do! Richard Permin’s everyday life for instance is definitely out of the ordinary. In Good Morning, his latest video project, Richard endlessly repeats his morning routine.

Right after getting out of bed, he clicks into his skis and rides down the snow-covered rooftops of Avoriaz. Richard is throwing one backflip after another at a vertiginous height before executing insane tricks on the wooden facades and in the streets of the French ski resort. This ambitious project was initiated three years ago, but in January 2016, Richard broke his two heels on a severe landing after jumping from one of the rooftops.

After hundreds of hours of physical therapy, he’s making a spectacular come back among the elite of freeski, to complete this unfinished chapter of his athlete life.

The first ever slopestyle skate course

The first ever slopestyle skate course. | Red Bull Roller Coaster 2018 in Munich, Germany

We bring you a first look at how it was made and how it skates, as the circus rolls into town at Red Bull Roller Coaster! Join Zion Wright and Jamie Foy as they present the new FIRST EVER Slopestyle Skate Course (or skateboarding assault course) built up in the German city of Munich, at the Olympic Park. As you are by now doubtless aware, the ever-excellent Munich Mash festival took place this weekend in the Bavarian capital – and this year it sees the debut of Red Bull Roller Coaster, a 300m long skateboarding assault course designed to establish who can best handle all-terrain business at breakneck speed. Unlike other skate competitions, the 300m slopestyle course is designed to combine street, bowl and vert elements, challenging athletes to display a wide range of skill to win. Already confirmed are the top US skaters Jamie Foy (street) and Zion Wright (all-terrain), as well as the European elite Alex Sorgente (bowl) and Jaakko Ojanen (street).

Nicholi Rogatkin at Crankworx Innsbruck

Catch Nicholi Rogatkin during Crankworx Innsbruck, giving you some insights from the Master himself.

Rodrigo Koxa Nazare

Rodrigo Koxa World Record at Nazaré – 2018 Quiksilver XXL Biggest Wave Award Winner

Rodrigo Koxa (Guaruja, Sao Paulo, Brazil) tows in on a wave with an 80-foot face at Praia de Norte, Nazaré, Portugal on November 8, 2017, capturing the Guinness World Record for Largest Wave Surfed (Unlimited). Video by Carlos Muriongo. The winner of the Quiksilver XXL Biggest Wave Award category of the 2018 WSL Big Wave Awards.