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A year in the life of big mountain skier Fabian Lentsch. | 4K Straight from the Athletes

Here are the coldest, steepest and gnarliest highlights from last year’s ski season of Fabian Lentsch. Watch a world-spanning 4K recap coming straight from Fabian, going from Greece to Georgia and all around the world.

Snowmads: Powder Dreams in Turkey | Episode 2

What happens when you take an old fire truck and refurbish it into the ultimate ski-mobile, pack it full with professional skier Fabian Lentsch and his crew of Snowmads, and hit the road on a massive road trip in search of powder? The absolute journey of a lifetime!

Episode 2 sees the crew arrive in Yaylalar, Turkey, where they are rewarded for their relentless efforts of chasing pow. This little remote and isolated mountain village, which often is cut off from the rest of the world, is surrounded by the impressive KaƧkar Mountain Range and offers countless opportunities to shred. Neil William, Dane Tudor and Markus Ascher join Fabi on the hill and together they let loose on some dreamy chest-deep powder.

Fabian Lentsch’s Road to the Freeride World Tour

There’s no arguing that this kid has guts…lots of ’em. When it comes to freeride skiing, Lentsch has pushed the boundaries of what’s capable on a mountain. As a result, he’s earned himself a highly sought after spot on the Freeride World Tour for the upcoming 2015 season. Check out some of the best moments from Fabian Lentsch’s road to the Freeride World Tour.

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