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Sugarloaf Maine Powder Day

All Time – Sugarloaf, Maine – February 13, 2017

Over five feet of snow fell in a 10-day period, courtesy of a Nor’easter, with 25 inches of super light powder greeting skiers on February 13, 2017.

Mammoth January Super Storms

January Super Storms at Mammoth Mountain

To recap, the last two weeks have seen huge snowfall across the Sierra, with Mammoth clocking in at 13-19 feet and a current base depth of 269″ at the summit; the deepest in North America by almost 60″.

And it’s not over yet! More snow (a lot more) is forecast for later this week with another 5-6 feet on the way over the next week. It’s a good time to be in Mammoth.

Epic Powder in Japan Will Have You Drooling

Japan is home to some of the best powder on the planet. When cold air blows east off the Asian continent, it sucks up massive amounts of moisture as it flows over the Sea of Japan. When it impacts the high alpine of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, it unloads snow in the greatest example of “Lake Effect” precipitation of the planet. Those who’ve experienced this phenomenon will say, across the board, that Japan’s powder is phenomenal. The best on Earth.

While folks in Utah may disagree, the boys from SnowLocals have no qualms about it. Check out this edit of their visit to Rusutsu Resort and start planning your trip to the Orient today.

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Jamie Anderson Sticks Her First Ever 1080

Olympic Gold Medalist, slopestyle snowboarder, Jamie Anderson, from Lake Tahoe, CA, stomps a frontside 1080 mute at the Suzuki Nine Queens in Serfaus Fiss Ladis, Austria.

Fabian Lentsch’s Road to the Freeride World Tour

There’s no arguing that this kid has guts…lots of ’em. When it comes to freeride skiing, Lentsch has pushed the boundaries of what’s capable on a mountain. As a result, he’s earned himself a highly sought after spot on the Freeride World Tour for the upcoming 2015 season. Check out some of the best moments from Fabian Lentsch’s road to the Freeride World Tour.

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