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The Japanese Ski Culture | Baker Boyd

The Japanese Ski Culture | Baker Boyd

Polartec skier, Baker Boyd, recently visited Teton Bros founder Nori Suzuki in his native Japan for an immersive two weeks in Japanese ski culture.

Backcountry Powder John Jackson

Charging Backcountry Powder with John Jackson

Oh, the wisdom that lies between the lines of “The Book of John J.” Penned by everyone’s favorite dreadlocked philosopher, John Jackson, it’s a roadmap to enlightenment that starts and finishes in the backcountry. Jackson spent an entire winter season filming this series for Red Bull TV, giving you an unfiltered look at the life of a touring powder hound as well as a template for tapping into the type of bliss one can only find at the summit of a mountain. Up top, we collected the best powder runs and POVs from Jackson’s full winter chasing snow — press play and let John J teach you how it’s done.

Jackson Hole Owen Leeper Powder

A Lap in the Crags with Owen Leeper

Someone send a snorkel to Jackson Hole. Over 21 FEET for the year and last night another foot of ‘cowboy pow’ fell here at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. What happened next was… Well, you can probably guess. We sent Owen Leeper out and he did what he does best, make powder skiing look really, really easy. DEEPcember continues! A 100% GoPro video.

Jackson Hole Powder December

Happy Powder Days from Jackson Hole

This December has truly been one to remember. With 10 feet of snow so far in December, this marks our deepest and most snowfall to date in December. See what Jackson Hole athletes Travis Rice, Lynsey Dyer, Rob Kingwill, and Mark Carter found on the mountain. Happy Holidays!

Travis Rice The Fourth Phase

‘The Fourth Phase’ Full Scene: Magical Session in Japanese Forest

Feast your eyes on the FULL segment from The Fourth Phase featuring Travis Rice, Mark Landvik, Mikel Bang and Shin Biwajima shredding the deep powder of Japan.

Cody Townsend Behidn the Cover Powder Magazine

Stairway to Heaven: Behind Cody Townsend’s December Cover

Behind the scenes of the Reuben Krabbe shot of Cody Townsend that lead to the December 2016 (45.4) cover of POWDER.