Travis Rice Now Sponsored by Toyota

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2013, WYOMING, TOYOTA, 4RUNNER, TRAVISTravis_Rice_Toyota_SerfasTravis_Rice_Toyota_Chris_Burkard_01-600x398Travis Rice and Toyota today announced they are “MOVING FORWARD” with a formal partnership that includes vehicles and production support for Brain Farm’s sequel to Art of Flight.

Rice loves “GOING PLACES” in his 4×4,  snow machines and snowboarding buddies in tow, to bring us the most progressive backcountry snowboarding in the shred universe, so it only makes sense that he’d partner with a truck brand. And anyone that’s ridden in a Tundra, Tacoma or 4Runner know that Toyota goes overboard with strategically placed cupholders of varying sizes: coffee cup size, beer can size, pee bottle (wide-mouth sport drink) size, and, of course, narrow-ass Red Bull size. Beyond all the other bells and whistles and 100,000 mile warrantees and such, this cupholder factor is of utmost importance. Especially when you’re shuttling bros back and forth to the mountain.

So with this new deal the only question is if we’ll see a helicopter, filming a helicopter, filming a Toyota 4Runner, filming Travis.

Rice joins gonzo action sports personality/off-road driver Andy Bell on the Toyota team for an upcoming 4Runner campaign, dubbed “KEEP IT WILD.”

Here’s what Travis had to say about the deal:

“We put a lot of abuse on vehicles, driving the Trans-Canada highway up to Alaska,” Travis said. “Our trailer, when we’re pulling four sleds with gear, comes in at 9,000 pounds. It’s a pretty brutal road and I think we’ve driven it three times now with that trailer and the same truck. It was a really easy fit when we started talking about a deal with Toyota. Myself and Brain Farm, we’re already Toyota users ’cause we feel it’s a superior vehicle. It’s just a great natural partnership…“They’re basically supporting us to “KEEP IT WILD.”

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