Surfing Jaws on an Inflatable Hot Dog with Ian Walsh

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HotDog_JawsFrom – “The waves at Jaws were really solid with light winds early in the morning. A light bulb went off in my brother and my head, recalling a really fun flat day we had towing inner tubes behind jet skis. The idea was ignited and we wanted to try and get into a wave on an inner tube.

The hot dog came into the picture after calling a bunch of different places on Maui trying to track down a big inflatable animal or inner tube to tow into Jaws. Only one place on the entire island had one in stock that was big enough and it happened to be a gigantic hot dog. So a hot dog it was.

By the time we actually found the place to buy the hot dog, got it pumped up, launched the skis, and made our way to Jaws, the wind was a lot stronger, making it way harder than we thought to get into a wave. The waves seemed a lot bigger once we actually got out there, especially when you’re laying face down on a nine-foot hot dog.”

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