Drones on Shark Watch at SoCal Beaches

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California lifeguards are getting on-board with the drone craze but in a most helpful and practical way. Down at Seal Beach, lifeguards have successfully implemented drone surveillance along the surfline to identify sharks near swimmers and surfers.

“This morning we launched it and about 10 minutes later we knew there were 10-12 sharks in the area. It works great; we take it off from the beach, fly it up 100 feet, and can look down at a wide area. If we see shadows we fly down and focus in on them. If we see bigger sharks or get sharks that are aggressive we’re actually going to close the water, ” said Seal Beach Marine Safety Chief Joe Bailey.

Recent shark attacks in North Carolina and elsewhere have summer beach-goers on edge.

Anything to help offset fear and potential risks is most certainly welcome on our beach. We don’t want another Chief Brody shooting up the place over a school of bluefish.

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