New Surf Floatation Device Attempts to Tackle Drowning

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A few years ago, Billabong released its innovative V1 wetsuit with a bladder that inflated via a C02 cartridge. Pro surfer Shane Dorian famously promoted the suit as the solution to sketchy big wave situations allowing surfers to avoid multiple wave hold downs and drowning deaths.



This week a new iteration of the C02 cartridge tech hit the news via the Kingii, a wrist mounted C02-inflated airbag that’s both easy to deploy and quick to reload.

From the looks of the demo photo, it looks very similar to the airbag tech being used in backpacks that project snowboarders and skier in avalanches.



The Indiegogo campaign has raised over $400,000 in the first day and the Kingii seems poised to rise to the surface of surf-floatation solutions.

A few problems are its inability to keep the user’s head above water and the difficulty in arm range of motion with a balloon on one’s wrist.

That said, it only needs to save one life to be a success.

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