How To: Build a Custom Van and Rule at Life

Have vehicle with bed and you will travel. The folks at Kourduroy.TV assembled a great edit on how to take a conversion van and make it a perfect surf mobile. From bedding to storage to cooking and solar power, this tutorial will inspire you to convert your van, change your life and life your dreams, hot damn!

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  1. Jerome says:

    I just booked a trip for this sumemr to Myrtle Beach and then over to the Smoky Mountains.We always go over to Lake Huron a few days each sumemr as it is only about 70 miles away, and free.We will also hit some science museums, zoos, have some super-soaker and water balloon fights, set up the badminton net, and play a lot of four-square in our driveway. Oh, we also go up to Traverse City in the sumemr for a long weekend. Nothing like climbing down a 440 foot sand dune down to chilly Lake Michigan for a little swim. The best part is watching all these young, fit people running up the dune past me, while sand flies in my face.

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