Great White Shark Attacks Kayak Fisherman’s Catch in California

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The good ole Great White shark. He’s a lone wolf, a big dog, a bully maybe? We’re not sure. It’s definately badass and doesn’t like being messed with. Just ask this group of kayakers, who were “kayak fishing” only a 1/4 mile off of Dana Point, CA.

As local , Bill Morales was reeling in a small leopard shark, a Great White decided it was lunch time.

“I had a camera in one hand and I had the shark in the other hand, and he was going back and forth,” Morales told KTLA Los Angeles. “I had to move my arm back and forth like a piston so that it wouldn’t just pull me over.”

Morales estimated the great white shark to be between 8 and 10-feet long and 300 to 400 pounds.

All that was left of the leopard shark was the head, pectoral fins and upper portion of its body, as the great white got the rest.

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