Teaser: ’72 Hours,’ A Weekend with the Dorians

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It can be exhausting keeping pace with the evolution of camera tech. Advancements seem to be announced by the day, and the idea that a quality production can somehow land in your lap is easy to imagine. But the steps involved in a top-notch edit are many. There’s the creative brainstorming. The search for the right camera angle. The balance of action and B-roll. To slow-mo or not to slow-mo. And how can you share it with the world if you don’t have a bar of internet connection?

Last weekend, father-son duo Shane Dorian and his son Jackson set off for a backcountry camping trip, where they had 72 hours to create, film, and edit a 2-5 minute video with the GoPro Hero 6 camera. The setting was perfect. Set against a tropical backdrop, their destination was made for a cinematic expedition. Plus, there are opportunities for fishing, hunting (there are definitely bows involved), and other recreation that all speak 100% adventure. And so the Dorians set off last Friday, along with POV expert Anthony Walsh as their filmer, to capture 72 hours of intrepid travel. “We had a lot of fun,” said Shane of the camping trip. “A pretty normal weekend when I’m home, actually – finding fun surf with Jackson, and when it’s flat, finding something else that will keep us entertained.” That entertainment included marathon hikes, cliff-jumps from waterfalls, and cave-dives through impossibly blue water, with no one else in sight. But the adventure was just the start.

Then came the mad dash to turn their footage into a finished edit. Cue the visualizing, trimming, music choice, and the other elements you need for an adventure flick. Oh, and the clock is ticking. Not exactly a point-and-shoot operation. Below is a 15-second hint of what Shane and Jackson found last weekend, as well as the photographic breadcrumbs from three days of Dorian-approved exploration. Stay tuned to Surfer.com for when the full edit drops.

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