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Wake Superior: Mike Dowdy’s trip to the Great Lakes

2016 Wake Masters Champion and World Champion wakeboarder, Mike Dowdy, heads back up north near the Apostle Islands: a rarely ridden and hidden wake gem in Wisconsin to shred amongst the sea caves and channels carved out between the beautiful islands on Lake Superior. With a winch and behind a boat, Dowdy takes some time off from the competition tour to explore the beautiful location, bringing the highest levels of wakeboarding to the Great Lakes. This is Wake Superior.

Wakeboarding Germany

Wakeboarding – O’Neill Hit The Road (Episode 3) – “Switched Up”

Welcome to Episode 3 – “Switched Up” – from O’Neill’s thrilling wakeboard mission through Germany. Catch the team migrate from Berlin to Hamburg to destroy concrete ledges & dodge killer drowned trees in a nearby nature reserve. The squad have plenty on their plate with a sketchy death wall in the bag, cheese grater wall rides, cold-water dunks, and an impromptu store take-over. As if that wasn’t enough, a next level night shoot goes down. Watch Team O’Neill embrace Hamburg’s nightlife from all angles, you’ve got to see it to believe it!

Xtreme fails

Action Sports Fails | Best of Crashes Vol 2

A funny fail compilation of amateurs action sports enthusiasts and pros alike learning that there’s no gain without pain.

Windsurfing Snowy Mountain

Windsurfing Down a Snowy Mountain w/ Levi Siver | Stream Mountain

Snowy mountain windsurfing. Is it possible? Can it work? There was one man who stepped up to take on this unprecedented challenge. His name – Levi Siver. Siver is a professional windsurfer known for catching the biggest waves all over the world, bending the wind to his will, so when he was presented the challenge to take his talents to the mountain… the answer was a no-brainer.

Seeking Cloud Nine

Seeking Cloud Nine (Greece) | Kiteboarding Series | Official Trailer

Watch Kiteboarding in a way that you’ve never seen it before. Liam Whaley former freestyle World Champion gets together with some of the best Film producers in the industry to create something unique, something that all audiences can relate to and enjoy even though it’s a film about Kiteboarding.

Seeking Cloud Nine (Greece) is the start of a potential series. Join Liam on an adventure to Greece, Seeking undiscovered spots and unexperienced moments.

Red Bull Kiteboarding

Extreme Kiteboarders Boost HUGE Airs at Red Bull King of the Air 2017

Red Bull King of The Air is the most prestigious big-air kiteboarding contest in the world. The event sees Cape Town’s Big Bay play host to an elite selection of the world’s best kiteboarders as they go head-to-head in a unique ‘flag out’ competition format. The competition has a two-week weather window, within which riders face-off only once conditions are perfect – a consistent south-easterly wind of over 30-knots and enough swell running from which to boost their mind-bending aerial manoeuvres. Their challenge – to master the elements and rule the sky, with the ultimate goal of being crowned king of the air.