Freeride Skiing at Home – A Ski Movie By Philipp Klein

Freeride Skiing at Home brings us all a bit closer to the mountain, albeit locked indoors, and nowhere to lay one out – except on the floor.

This Freeride Skiing at Home vid is sick. We love stop motion videos about action sports. Who can forget the lego man surfing in Teahupoo clip from a few years back? Sadly, more than a few years now. Time flies.

In another installment of the internet’s greatest hits, here’s a very clever solution to the Covid-19 blues. Skier Philipp Klein Herrero applied his pent up energy wisely in making this awesome stop-motion skiing video in his living room.

The shot is framed from the ceiling looking down towards the floor. The video captures Philipp Klein Herrero summiting and then skiing down what is no doubt an extreme mountain. The build up is well played as he uses ice picks and ropes to reach the top before pointing it south and sending it, bigly.

The apex comes with a steezy backflip just prior to botching the landing and ending up head down in the pow. Alas – good effort at any rate.

We should all be so creative and care-free during this Coronavirus downtime.

So yet again folks, there’s no excuse for being lazy while on lockdown when the mountains call!

Here’s Philipp Klein Herrero’s description in his own words:

“Just before the current health situation locked us in, I was about to go Freeriding with my family. It was supposed to be the big adventure of the year, the one I had been eagerly awaiting for a year. Therefore, the lockdown had me thinking about skiing the whole time, so I started to think how I could ski without leaving my living room.”

Follow Philipp Klein Herrero here: @philippklein