Is This The Best Vert Skate Trick Ever?

The Vert Best Trick contest has long been one of the most exciting events to watch anywhere, especially the X Games. One of the most iconic moments in Action Sports history, and certainly in skateboarding’s history was when the world watched as Tony Hawk battled the 900 on Live television during the 1996 X Games. The perfect forum for unbridled progression and a vibration of mutual respect and support makes this event one to watch, and this year was no exception. Jimmy Wilkins and Sam Beckett trying no grab kickflip 540s, Alex Perelson almost stomping switch bs ollie fives, PLG throwing nollie heel indy 540s, Sandro going for 720 nosegrab gnar jar. Then Elliot Sloan put it down hard with a cab 720 heelflip Indy. The second time he’s ever landed it, it was so clean you would think he does it on the hour. Elliot got the gold, and the audience enjoyed every moment, including Marcelo Bastos’ buttery no grab nollie 360 heelflip after time, in true skateboarding fashion.