Goggles For Docs Charity Gives Eye Protection to Covid-19 Responders

Goggles for Docs
Doctors are usuing ski and snowboard goggles for eye protection as personal protective equipment in their battle against Covid-19.


Googles for Docs is a non-profit collecting spare ski and snowboard goggles to donate to doctors, nurses and first responders of the Covid-19 crises.

Goggles for Docs is an effort to get used or new ski and snowboard goggles into the hands of healthcare workers who currently have no eye protection as they treat COVID-19 patients.

A number of action sports athletes, ski resorts and brands have jumped onboard. They include Burton, Fox, Killington Mountain, Jack Mitrani and more have gotten behind the effort to promote it.

Goggles have so far been been donated from individuals in over 30 states and Puerto Rico.


How Googles for Docs Works

Select a State: First, find your state. You can click through tabs at the bottom for each hospital in that state that has opted in.

Select a Hospital: Check the top of the sheet. If the % of the required goggles has exceeded 100%, pick another hospital. Share the love.

Enter Info: From there just add you info, the number of goggles that you are willing to commit (make sure you do this because YOU are the inventory control!) Once you are done…share.

Prepare: Prepare the goggles for donation by following these guidelines (or watch this video).

Mail: Mail (preferably overnight ship) the goggles to your hospital of choice.

Drop Off: Drop-off locations listed on the site. But using a drop-off will slow down health care workers on the front lines, from getting the goggles they need.

Spread the Word: More goggles will help doctors as Covid-19 impacts more hospitals.

Visit Goggles for Docs website for information. Whether you wish to donate or to request donations to your local health care services.

Follow Goggles for Docs on Instagram @gogglesfordocs

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