Mick Fanning Shark Attack Revisited

Mick Fanning Shark Attack is explored in depth with Dave Prodan at World Surf League to discuss the incredible shark encounter at Jeffrey’s Bay.

When the Mick Fanning Shark Attack occurred five years ago, the surfing world held its collective breath. Australian surfer and former WSL Champion, Mick Fanning, explains to WSL host Dave Prodan what really went down at the 2015 J-Bay event where he was attacked by a Great White shark.


In an incredible moment of surfing history, Mick Fanning was attacked by a Great White Shark while sitting in the lineup at Jeffrey’s Bay.The attack occurred during the LIVE webcast while Fanning was in the water with Julian Wilson. Millions of surfing fans around the world watched in horror as Fanning seemingly escaped from the jaws of death.

The footage shows the thrashing shark behind Fanning. Its fins and tail are visible, as Fanning scrambles to keep his surfboard between himself and the shark.

Shark Attack or Shark Accident

Here Mick opens up about his thoughts on the shark attack five years later. From what he believes actually occurred to what the footage shows. Whether the attack was “intentional” or whether the shark mistakenly got tangled in Mick’s leg rope/leash.

It’s a very insightful deep dive into the psychology of one of the world’s best surfers and his near death experience. We hear about how CNN wanted to capture Mick’s initial “first surf” after the attack.

We also hear about Mick Fanning’s triumphant return to J-bay to overcome his fears and anxieties about getting back into the shark-infested waters.

Mick is a great bloke and one of the best surfers of all-time. For anyone that has ever had any anxieties about sharks in the ocean, this is a must watch clip.

You can also catch the full hour-long podcast, The Line-Up with Dave Prodan, over on WSL’s Youtube Channel.